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The Weekend or One Week Getaway to Piraiba Lodge, Iwokrama Canopy Walkway and Lethem features the unique landscape of the Southern and Central Regions of Guyana, with its tropical rainforest, wetlands and Savannahs. Highlights-Birding, Wildlife, Nature, Hiking, Canoeing, Swimming, Fishing and More! -

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Know Guyana

Come experience a combination of nature's beauty, waterfalls and amazing wildlife coupled with our rich culture and heritage.

is a registered tour company, based in Guyana, SA., which specializes in Nature and Adventure Travel

Situated at 3 Tabatinga Drive, Lethem, the heart of the Rupununi Savannahs, overlooking the Kanuku Mountains...

The idea to establish a tour company arose out of my many travels to the remote areas of Guyana

Transportation in Guyana is extremely well-organized and makes the whole stay in Guyana comfortable and easy.

Base Country-Guyana

Guyana get to know us better.


Capital City: Georgetown.
Population: 770,000.
Language: English and various Amerindian dialects.
Religion: Hindu, Christian, Muslim.
Neighboring Countries: Venezuela, Brazil, Suriname.
Economy: Agriculture, timber, fishing, mining, oil.
Currency: Guyana Dollar (GYD or G$).
Exchange Rate: 1£ = G$400; $1 = G$200; 1€ = G$280 (converter).
Time: GMT – 3.
Electrical Voltage: 110v with US-style outlets.
Climate: Coastal wet season mid-November to mid-January and May to June; interior wet season May to July; late November to mid January; rest of year generally dry. Average temperature 27.5°C/82°F.

Formerly British Guiana prior to independence in 1966-Guyana is the only English speaking country in South America.

Located on the Atlantic Coastline and bordering the countries of Brazil, Suriname and Venezuela, Guyana boasts one on the largest tracks of undisturbed rainforest in the world, accounting for more than 83 % of total land mass, due largely to its inaccessibility and centuries old civilizations of our Amerindian peoples, whom as custodians have lived on the land, relying on the rainforest and its’ rivers for food, medicine, shelter, weapons, and spiritual guidance.

With more than 250 species of mammals, 800 species of birds, spreading across 275 waterfalls, four mountain ranges, 18 lakes and numerous waterways, any adventure is possible.

Nature's beauty, Waterfalls and amazing Wildlife coupled with our rich Culture and Heritage.

Know Guyana

Let Adventure Guianas be your guide through the length and breath of Guyana.

Nature's beauty, Waterfalls and amazing Wildlife coupled with our rich Culture and Heritage.

Know Guyana

Let Adventure Guianas be your guide through the length and breath of Guyana.

Art Galleries and Museums in Georgetown Guyana. Each showcasing a different aspect of Guyana’s historical remnants.

Art Galleries
  • Castellani House | Vlissengen Road & Homestretch Ave. | Tel: 592-225-0579
  • Hadfield Foundation | 61 Hadfield & Cross Sts. Werk-en-Rust | Tel: 592-226-1370
  • Guyana Heritage Museum | 17 Kastev, Meter-Meer-Zorg West Coast Demerara | Tel: 275-0028/0331
  • Guyana National Museum | North Road, Georgetown | Tel: 592-225-7191
  • John Campbell Police Museum | Eve Leary, G/town | Tel: 592-225-3017
  • Museum of African Heritage | 13 Barima Avenue,G/town | Tel:592-226-5519
  • Philatelic Museum(Post office Corporation) | Carmichael Street G/town | Tel: 592-225-7071
  • Walter Roth Museum of Anthropology | 61 Main Street, G/town | Tel: 592-225-8486

Restaurants: Food lovers can hunt down authentic local dishes during the day and fine cuisines at night.

  • Anjali’s Food Deli | 322 New Market,N/C/Burg, G/town | Tel:592-223-0986
  • Barrow’s Restaurant &Lounge | 82 Manni St. Linden | Tel: 592-444-6790/6799
  • Bistro 176 | Cara Suites, 176 Middle St. G/town | Tel: 592-226-1614
  • Bottle Bar & Restaurant | Cara Lodge 294 Quamina St. G/town | Tel: 592-225-5301
  • Brown’s Café | Le Meridien Pegasus Hotel G/town | Tel: 592-225-2853/6
  • Cazabon | Hotel Tower Main St. G/town | Tel: 592-227-2011-5
  • Church’s | 231 Camp & Middle Streets, G/town | Tel: 592-225-7546
  • Chicken House | 144 Regent Road,Bourda,G/town | Tel:592-225-0206/225-0213
  • Dutch Bottle Café | 10 North Rd. Bourda, G/town | Tel: 592-231-6561
  • Demico House Idiho Health | Bar Brickdam | Tel: 592-225-7400
  • Demico Quik Serv | Croal Street
  • Main Street Qik Serv | Main Street | Tel: 592-225-4387
  • Kitty Qik Serv | Tel: 592-226-3910
  • Sheriff St. Qik Serv | Sheriff Street, G/town | Tel: 592-223-5234-6
  • El Dorado Restaurant | Le Meridien Pegasus G/town | Tel: 592-225-2553/6
  • Francine’s Fish shop | 47 Sheriff & Garnett sts,C/ville | Tel: 592-227-2753
  • German’s Restaurant | New Market & Mundy Sts. G/town | Tel: 592-227-0079
  • JR Burgers | 3 Sandy Babb St., Kitty | Tel: 592-226-6614
  • Kamboat Restaurant | 51 Sheriff Street, G/town | Tel: 592-225-8323
  • Le Excellence Restaurant | Robb & Albert Street | Tel: 592-226-8455
  • Popeye’s | 1E Vlissengen Road & Duncan St. | Tel: 592-223-6226
  • Royal Castle Restaurant | Vlissengen Rd, G/town | Tel: 592-227-0101
  • Rose Bud Cafeteria | 34-37 Water St. G/town | Tel: 592-225-8351
  • Roti Hut | 18 North Road,Bourda,G/town | Tel: 592-227-3802
  • Sidewalk Café | 176 Middle Street G/town | Tel: 592-227-0152
  • Upscale Restaurant | 32-33 Regent & Hinck Sts. G/town | Tel: 592-225-4722
  • The Grill | YMCA, Thomas Lands, G/town | Tel: 592-223-5382
  • White Castle Fish Shop | John & Hadfield Sts, G/town | Tel: 592-223-0921

From glitzy luxury hotels to quirky budget accommodation, there’s a bed somewhere in the city made just for you.

  • Atta Lodge C/o Wilderness Explores | 176 Middle Street, G/town | Tel: 592-226-2085
  • Ariantze Hotel | 176 Middle Street, G/town | Tel: 592-227-0152
  • Barrows Restaurant & Lounge | 82 Manni Street, McKenzie,Linden | Tel: 592-444-6790/6799
  • Blue Wave Apartments | 8-9 North Road, Bourda G/town | Tel: 592-227-8897
  • Bransville Apartments | 89 Pike Street, Campbellville, G/town | Tel: 592-226-1133
  • Cara Lodge | 294 Quamina Street, G/town | Tel: 592-225-5310
  • Cara Suites | 176 Middle Street, G/town | Tel: 592-226-1612
  • El Dorado Inn | 95 Thomas & Quamina Streets South Cummingsburg, G/town |
    Tel: 592-225-3966
  • Friends Apartment Hotel | 82 Robb Street, Lacytown, G/town | Tel: 592-227-2383
  • Grand Coastal Inn | 2 Area M Plantation Le Resouvenir East Coast Demerara |
    Tel: 592-220-1091
  • Herdmanston Lodge | 65 Peter Rose & Anira Street, G/town | Tel: 592-225-0808
  • Hotel Tower Ltd | 74-75 Main Street, G/town | Tel: 592-227-2011-5
  • Kanuku Suites | 123 Section M Campbellville, G/town | Tel: 592-226-4001
  • Le Meridien Pegasus | Seawall Road, Kingston, G/town | Tel: 592-225-2853/6
  • Raddison Suites | 83 Laluni Street, Queenstown,G/town | Tel: 592-226-2145
  • Regency Suites | 98 Hadfield Street, Werk-en-Rust | Tel: 592-225-4785/60621
  • Savannah Inn Lethem, | Region #9 | Tel: 592-772-2204
  • Toucan Guest House | 17 Kastev, Meten-Mere-Zorg West Cost Demerara | Tel: 592-275-0331
  • Adel’s Rainforest Resort | Akawini Creek, Pomeroon River | Tel: 592-617-0398
  • Arrow Ponit Interior Resort | 8 Eping Avenue, Bel Air Park, G/town | Tel: 592-225-9647-8
  • Baganara Island Resort | C/o Evergreen Adventures 158 Charlotte Street, G/town | Tel: 592-226-0605
  • Jubilee Resort | 86 First Street, Alberttown,G/town | Tel: 592-223-7847
  • Karanambu Ranch | A 102 Issano Place East Bel Air | Tel: 592-226-5180
  • Lake Mainstay Resort | 216-217 Lamaha Street, G/town | Tel: 592-226-2755/2975
  • Rainbow River Safari Guyana | Lot 6 Best Road, Best Village, WCD | Tel: 592-644-7646
  • Rockview Lodge | Annai, North Rupununi | Tel: 592-226-0605
  • Tropical Adventures Guy Inc. Timberhead | 8-10 Providence, East Bank Demerara | Tel: 592-233-5179/225-0458

From niche luxury boutiques to street side flea markets, shopping doesn’t get any better – whatever your budget.

Craft Shops
  • Creations Craft | 7 AWater Street, G/town | Tel: 592-226-0073/72814
  • Calabash Gift Shoppe | 61 Hadfield Street, G/town | Tel: 592-226-1370
  • Hibiscus Craft Plaza | Booth #7 North Road, G/town | Tel: 592-225-0123
Jewellery Stores
  • King’s Jewellery World | 141 Quamina Street, G/town | Tel: 592-226-0704
  • King’s Jewellery World | 176 Middle Street, G/town | Tel: 592-225-8575
  • L. Seepersaud Maraj & Sons | Stabroek Market, G/town | Tel: 592-226-3469
  • N.H.King Jewellery | 190 Church Street, S/C/Burg. G/town | Tel: 592-226-3048
  • Sanjay’s Jewellery Store | 17-18 America Street, G/town | Tel: 592-225-4537
  • Sanjay’s Jewellery Store | 48 Sheriff Street Campbellville, G/town | Tel: 592-223-5263
  • Seeram’s Jewellery | 133 Church Street, G/town | Tel: 592-227-8122
  • Seeram’s Jewellery | 8 First Street,Alexander Village,G/town | Tel: 592-223-5117
  • Sheriff’s Jewellery | 17 Brickdam, G/town | Tel: 592-223-7600/1
  • Steve’s Jewellery | 301 Church Street, S/C/Burg,G/town | Tel: 592-223-9641
  • Topaz | 143 Crown & Oronoque Sts. Q/town | Tel: 592-227-3968
Make the most of your trip to Guyana with this guide to important information, tips and advice for visitors.

Travelers Essentials

Transportation in Guyana is extremely well-organized and makes the whole stay in Guyana comfortable and easy. The air, bus, taxis, road and water transport is very competent. Bookings and reservations should be done preferably in advance to avoid the rush at the last minute.

Air Travel: Guyana’s international airport, named after the late president Cheddie Jagan, is at Timehri,25 miles/40 km south of Georgetown. Flights from Europe are routed through Antigua, Barbados or Trinidad, There are direct flights from Miami, New York, Toronto, Barzil, Surimane, French Guiana, Barbados, Trinidad and Curaco. Outward flights should be reconfirmed prior to departure.

  • BWIA | Tel: 592-225-9182/227-1661
  • Caribbean Star | Tel: 592-227-6770
  • LIAT | Tel: 592-227-8281/261-3262
  • Meta Airlines | Tel: 592-225-5315
  • North American Airlines | Tel: 592-227-5805/5838
  • Suriname Airways | Tel: 592-225-4894/3473
  • Travel Span | Tel: 592-227-1701-3/1734-6

By Plane: Private charter companies operate flights into the interior from Ogle airport. Minibuses serve the airport from Stabroek Market in Georgetown and surroundings areas.

Internal flights and charters originate from Ogle Municipal Airport (which is much closer to the city) to the many interior landing strips across the country and also to neighboring countries.

  • Air Services Ltd | Tel: 592-222-4357/4368
  • Roraima Airways | Tel: 592- 225-9647/8
  • Trans Guyana Airways | Tel: 592-222-2525
  • Wings | Tel: 592-222-6513/226-9098

By Land: Georgetown is well served with taxis, which operate throughout the city and to other urban centers. Taxis are easy to find outside most hotels and throughout Georgetown (e.g Stabroek Market and Avenue of Republic). There are fixed fares for most distances: check in advance. Most trips within Georgetown are G$300/400. Private taxis are easily arranged through your hotel or by calling one of the numerous taxis services.

There are also ultra-cheap minibuses running around town and along the coast, or to Cheddie Jagan International Airport and Linden. Check the fare in advance.

Car rental is an alternative, at US$30-50 per day with security deposit of US$200-250, depending on the type of vehicle. There are good roads from Georgetown to Timehri and Linden, and for 185 miles along the coast from Springlands to Charity.

  • Ambassador Taxi Service | 12 Lamaha Street Q/town | Tel: 592-227-3200/6200
  • Angel Taxi Service | 154 Garnette Street Kitty G/town | Tel: 592-227-0999/225-9449
  • Dolly’s Auto Rental & Taxi | 272 Bissessar Ave. Prashad Nagar G/town | Tel: 592-225-7126
  • Ease Auto Rental & Taxi Service | 118 Aubrey Barker St. S/R/Veldt Park | Tel: 592-218-2014
  • Ezee Auto Rental & Taxi Service | 46 Sheriff St. C/ville G/town | Tel: 592-231-5808
  • First Choice Cabs | 23 Norton Street, Wortmanville,G/town | Tel: 592-223-7777
  • Harbour Lights Taxi Service | Gafoors Huston Complex,Houston | Tel: 592-227-1188/99
  • Indian Chief Taxi Service | 133 Regent & Cummings Sts Bourda | Tel: 592- 225-2738
  • Luxury Cabs | Lot 8 Vlissengen & D’Andrade Street | Tel: 592-223-5199
  • Pegasus Taxi Service | Kingston, G/town | Tel: 592-225-2853/6
  • Royal Connections Taxi | 47 Austin Place & Croal Street Stabroek | Tel: 592-225-6969
  • Tower Taxi | 74-75 Main Street,G/town | Tel: 592-227-2011-5

Guyana has over 600 miles navigable river, which provide an important an important means of communication. The Berbice, the Essequibo and the Demerara are crossed by ferries and also by 4 and 6 seater privately run river taxis, which can be chartered. For details on ferry schedule contact the Transport and Harbour Department, Water Street.


These are licensed currency exchange houses. Most cambios are open from 8am to 5pm, and on Saturdays from 8am to noon, sometimes to 2pm. Keep your cambio receipts, you will need to produce them in order to change Guyanese dollars on departure.

Departure Tax

There is an exit tax of G$2,500. Plus a security charge of G$1,500 (being a total of G$4,000.) This is paid at the airport at the GRA booth.(The US dollar equivalent for this exit tax may vary with exchange fluctuations.) Please note that this is payable in GY or foreign currency.


Traffic drives on the left. Seat belts are required by law.

Banking Hours

Mondays to Thursdays: 08:00- 14:00 hrs
Fridays: 08:00 – 14:30 hrs

Traveling Tips

A Speedboat is a 12 + passenger open boat where passengers dress in life jackets during a ride to their destination. Travel time to your destination can be cut by as much as 75%. Not recommended for people who avoid roller coaster rides or are affected by sea sick.

Ferry rides are more scenic, make more stops and travel time varies depending on the tide and other factors.Prearrange airport pickups with your family, friends, hotel or car rental company. Avoid randomly choosing transportation services from the airport especially at night. Driving and riding are done in the left lane.

Before you start enjoying the fun of driving in Guyana, you must stop by the Inland Revenue Department License Revenue Division, Smyth & Princes Streets,Georgetown. Phone 223-5501 for a 30 days Permit to drive. Walk with your driver’s license.


It’s an offense to cross the double yellow lines when over-taking another vehicle. Flashing lights on a vehicle ahead of you simply means caution, slow down or stop.For hire automobiles (taxis, mini buses etc.) have license plates that begin with H.

Ask around for the going rate for transportation to your destination before getting into special taxis or mini buses. Guyana awaits you. Seek the advice of a tour operation regarding an exciting itinerary and prepare to savour the journey.

  • Keep your travel plans including accommodation details private.
  • Keep a photocopy of all your travel documents in a safe place.
  • Where possible, use credit cards and travelers cheque instead of cash. If you must use cash, carry only what you will need for the day.
  • Avoid wearing flashy jewellery or carrying cameras around your neck, since this may draw attention to yourself.
  • Keep all purses, wallets, and cell phones safely tucked away.
  • Avoid leaving purses, bags or knapsacks on chairs, under tables, on the backs of chairs or on restroom hooks or in full view at the pool or beach.
  • Only use ATM’s and public telephones in well-lit and populated areas.
  • Be discreet at cambios, ATM’s and public telephones.
  • Should your passport be lost or stolen, report it immediately to the police and to your country’s diplomatic mission.
  • Cancel lost or stolen credit cards and travelers cheques as soon as possible and report it to the police.
  • There is safety in numbers. Walk in pairs or groups whenever possible.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings. Report any suspicious or unusual activities to the police, security or staff personnel.
  • Carefully obey all local laws and customs.
  • Avoid over consumption of alcohol since it diminishes your natural awareness and alertness of who and what is around you.
  • Remain alert, maintain a low profile and trust your instincts.
  • During your stay, keep in touch with family and friends through international roaming service.
  • If you are approached by anyone trying to sell you drugs, firmly say No and leave.
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