Amerindian Villages of St Cuthbert’s/Moraikabai Mission

Duration: 1 day
Attraction: Fishing, swimming, sightseeing, canoeing, relaxation, interaction with nature, indigenous experience
Price range: USD$195 - 130 per person (Inclusive of transportation,meals, light refreshments, all fees)
Minimum of 3 persons (Special rates apply to Groups of 4 or more)
Category: Soft / Mild Adventure

The trip begins at 06.00 hrs traveling overland via 4*4 vehicles along the Soesdyke/Linden Highway onto the trails leading to the Villages, arriving approximately two to three hrs after departure. Despite their relative proximity to the Capital, Georgetown, these Amerindians have managed to maintain their cultural beliefs, norms and practices, and are working towards developing and promoting Community Based Tourism in their respected villages. 

Tour could be extended to include overnight stays or visits to more remote Amerindian Villages in the Hinterland of Guyana.


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